Advantages of Swimming for Children

Sport is the best option for a child‘s physical development. There are many benefits for children who exercise, which apart from being healthy, also include improvements to relationship skills. According to some experts, swimming is one of the most complete exercises that provide the most benefits to children. Children begin in the womb surrounded by water, so being in water will be comforting to them. Water might even help them to relax and will also be a place for them to have fun jumping around and splashing everywhere.

The advantages and benefits of swimming

  • Low injury sport

Swimming is a good all-round exercise and also one that produces very few injuries. Apart from having a low injury risk, this sport can also help to prevent future injuries, in fact, medics recommend swimming to people with injuries to their joints and people with back problems. Many experts have written about cases of children who have had positive results from swimming with back problems like scoliosis.

  • Cardiovascular improvements and increases in lung capacity

Children who swim from an early age, learn how to breath better and to increase their lung capacity. But, should your children swim if they have breathing problems? The answer is yes unless a doctor has specifically said no. Some lung issues will improve and may even be cured after practicing this exercise. Cardiovascular problems can also improve dramatically as swimming will build up endurance.

  • Muscle development and strengthening of joints

Compared with other activities that only strengthen the upper or lower body, swimming will work all of the muscles in the body. This is an advantage for children as it will help them to grow strong and build their muscles up progressively in proportion to their age and weight. By using both their arms and legs to move and stay afloat, this exercise will strengthen their bones and joints. When children are small, many of the injuries suffered will be to their wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles, which is why this is the perfect exercise with the minimal risks associated with swimming.

Swimming will also improve other abilities like flexibility, speed, and motor skills in children.

  • Weight control

Recent studies published by the World Health Organisation indicate that the number of overweight children has increased considerably over the past few years as a result of insufficient exercise and bad eating habits such as the consumption of too many processed foods. This is why swimming is such an ideal exercise for children as it is an aerobic activity that will help them to get a physical workout and will allow them to maintain their weight. This exercise can also prevent diabetes and can even help to treat it. Being an aerobic activity, swimming will increase sensibility to insulin which will reduce glucose levels in the bloodstream and therefore reduce the need for more insulin for children with diabetes.

  • Relaxation

Swimming is an exercise that consumes plenty of energy and as it is practiced submerged in water, it will help to relax your children. Children will usually have the energy to burn that they must to channel into an activity like swimming that might even help them to sleep better at night. Unless being contrary to any medical advice received, swimming can also help children who suffer from hyperactivity, as it will help them to control their energy levels more efficiently.

  • Improvements to social skills and their capacity to exert themselves

As with other sports, swimming requires effort and perseverance to make improvements, making this a good activity for children to increase their motor skills and help them to understand how to reach their goals.

As we said at the beginning, swimming can also help to improve social skills as they will usually practice swimming with other children and together with their instructors. This contact with other people will help children to develop social skills that will benefit them throughout their childhood and into their adult lives.

Playing sport and exercising is good for all ages, especially swimming as it is such a complete workout, that can be practiced from a very young age, providing the important benefits that we have seen.

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