Baby Boy on The Way? Popular Names for Boys

If you’re waiting for the arrival of a baby boy, you will have realized that deciding on a name is one of the first things on your list. Also, choosing a child’s name is very important, it is a decision that will be with them forever.

It is a decision that will have consequences throughout their life as it can affect how others may see them and can even end up affecting their character.

How do you pick the best name for a baby boy?

The first thing that you should ask yourself is, what type of boys names do you like? Obviously, to this question, there are as many answers as people. There are people who side with more traditional names, but there are also more and more parents who prefer to find a more unique or different name.

There is not a better or worse option. It all comes down to taste, to what you think will be best for your baby, to what you as a parent like. Famous peoples names, or fictional characters, for example, are one of the most popular references for parents.

The most popular names in 2019

To try and guide you in this decision that is so special and important, here is a list of names that are especially popular this year.

They are names that you will hear more often and will be very common amongst parents this year. As you will notice, there is a large variety of different names on this list.

  • LUCAS. A name that has become more and more popular over the last few years. It comes from Greek, meaning “light” or “radiant”. It is a name that is both traditional and modern which is very appealing to parents.
  • HUGO. This name with German origins that can be translated as “intelligent” or “brilliant”, is especially popular in Spanish speaking countries, although Hugo and Hugh, are equally popular around the world. It will continue to be popular this year without a doubt.
  • ALEXANDER. This name has always been popular and will continue to be in 2019. A Greek name that means “the protector”.
  • THIAGO. A more exotic name, originating from Portugal, that is becoming more and more popular although it is not very common as yet. The name can be translated to something like “God gives” and can also be spelled without the H, Tiago.
  • ETHAN. This name has many different spellings depending on the country, Ethan, Ezan, Izan… It has become more popular recently and has a Hebrew origin. Its meaning is “permanent”.
  • OLIVER. This name has always been popular in France, Olivier. In English and Spanish speaking countries, it has also become a lot more popular in recent years. The name comes as a translation of “Olive Tree“.
  • ADAM. This name also comes from Hebrew and is a classic within the English speaking world that is rapidly becoming more popular in Latin America. This name will be instantly recognizable to anyone from a Christian or Catholic country.
  • JAMES. A name that has always been around in its many different forms, it continues to be very popular all around the world. Originating from Latin, this name appears in the New Testament and is also the name of six US presidents.
  • ROBERT. Originally a German name meaning “bright” or “shining”, has also been around for centuries. Robert is popular in many parts of the world and has many variations, Rob, Robert, Roberto, Bobby, Robbie…
  • STEVEN. This name has many different variations also. Steven, Stephen, Steve, Stevie and originally Stephanos. Originating from Greek, this name continues to be a firm favorite amongst parents.

What are your favorite boys' names? Do you think that you might choose a name from this list? Do you prefer more traditional names or are you looking for something a bit different? Regardless of your preferences, we are waiting to hear from you.

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