You need to know how to choose the right shoes for them

All of us desire fun shoes that don’t hurt the feet of our children and choosing the right shoes might seem a hard task to do. Discover these tips to enjoy this process.

Our baby is born and then their first steps come. In the same way, when they are still in the crib we buy them little shoes to take care of their little feet, in the moment when they start growing we have to start to look for other shoes with a different purpose, thinking of their safety and comfort. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t look for an original touch making this choice a fun experience. They are in constant growth and there will get a time where they will use “boring” shoes, so why not take advantage of this moment in their lives.

When is the moment to buy new shoes for them?

50% of children give their first steps when they are 1 year old. Between 13 and 15 months of life, 95% of the children already have the capacity to take 5 steps without anyone’s help. If we ask our children with that age to try to walk more than 5 steps, or what we call “free march”, 50% can do it between 13 to 14 months and between 14 to 16 months the 95% can also do it.

Normally, when they are 16 months only a 5% of children cannot walk, this doesn’t have to be bad, but we should study with a professional If it is because of a specific cause (maybe a neurological problem or something else) or maybe simply it is a child that has a slower rhythm to grow.

Knowing this, we can see when it’s logic to have our child knowing how to walk, that would be at 16 months and then it is when we should think about buying our kid their first shoes. That’s when the party starts.

What are the shoes that are the most recommended for my child?

When children start walking we tend to buy them shoes that have a soft sole (meaning there’s no sole) or socks, which we should be careful with since they could fall. The best is that If they’re walking at home they won’t wear shoes, so they can walk barefoot, because our feet are designed for it and because they are learning, the more sensibility they have the best.

This will make your child look for new capacities. Just make sure that the place where they play is free of things that could hurt their feet. When we go out on the streets the best thing we can use is low shoes, because boots could reduce their movement. The sole should be flexible, thin so that it can easily be adapted to the moves of their feet. If the sole is very hard and isn’t flexible when they walk, they will probably be very uncomfortable and they may even fall more.

We should have two things very clear: shoes that are stiff are a bad option for the feet of our children. They make hard the proper growth of their feet, causing damage like the damage of the bridge of the feet, posture defects and because of its injuries in the back.

And secondly, shoes should allow their feet to breathe. Inserts made with natural materials can make easier their feet to breathe, and that way avoid the feet to sweat. Artificial fabrics (synthetic), make feet sweat more than the usual. In conclusion, feet need to be able to move and breathe.

Which is the right size of shoes for my child?

You should buy shoes that are at least, 1/4 bigger than their feet. If we don’t succeed in this and we buy shoes that are smaller, what will probably happen is that we will be buying new shoes soon.

Many experts recommend trying shoes on our children in the evening because the feet is more widened and elongated than in the morning. Try different models and allows that moment to be special. It is recommended that the seller will make an additional measure, that way we will have more options.

Let’s remember that the shoes will mold, protect, take care and will give stability to the feet for our children. It is important that we choose comfortable shoes that have good quality. And like we said in the last point, that they allow the kid to move and their feet to breathe.

Buying the shoes in a physical shop is the best way to make sure that we buy the right size of shoes. Besides, we recommend making this in a moment of the game for our children. That way they can pay attention to something that makes their movement and health better. If the shoes you pick to follow up with all the different standards we have talked about.. it is the moment to have fun, being risky with colors and styles.

Can you use shoes that have been already used?

Used shoes can be used and besides it can be a perfect opportunity to save some money. Before, we need to make sure that the sole is in perfect condition. If the sole is not in good conditions we have to reject these shoes.

If the sole is in perfect conditions and they are a perfect size, we won't be only saving money but contributing to take care of the environment.

If we’ve decided to use shoes from a nephew or cousin for our children, cleaning moment has arrived. We need to use alcohol highly concentrated alcohol or using an ecologic disinfectant for feet. To avoid bacterias to grow, shoes must be let to dry for 24 hours.

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