Healthy Snacks for Children

For a right development and growth, children need to have a well balanced and healthy diet. The increase in obesity in the last years warns about the bad habits and the bad diet of children. It is recommended that a child eats between 1200 and 1700 calories depending on their age and weight, but it is important that those calories are provided by healthy and beneficial foods for their health. An average of 5 daily meals is the ideal to maintain a good diet and the right levels of energy during the day. The most important meal of the day is breakfast because it will be the meal which will give them the energy to start their day, but the rest of the meals are also important. Often we don’t take care of their afternoon snacks, even sometimes, we skip this meal and this is a mistake because during the afternoon because of extracurricular activities, homework and they running around the park, children need to refill their sugar and energy levels. 

Afternoon snacks are the moment of the day when more processed food is consumed by children, that’s why it is important to take care of their diet during afternoon snacks too. 

There is much healthy food that our children can eat during their afternoon snack, something simple and tasty which will help them to continue their day strong and healthy. These are some ideas:

  • Fruits

It is recommended for children to eat at least one piece of fruit a day because of the number of vitamins and other micronutrients these contain. Bananas are a great fruit for them because it gives them potassium and an extra sugar. During summer, fruits like melon or watermelon are perfect because on top of providing vitamins, it contributes to hydrate them thanks to the amount of water these fruits have and it will a way to avoid heat exhaustion or dehydration.

  • Sandwich

A sandwich is a good idea for a good snack. Using bread that doesn’t have refined flour and high-quality meat is good to add to our child’s diet the amounts of carbohydrates and proteins needed. Some foods like cheese and ham provide proteins and also a number of fats needed to maintain a well-balanced diet.

  • Peanut butter

Nuts give us the oils and natural fats which help to the children’s diet. Besides, these are rich in carbohydrates giving a lot of energy to our children helping them out to continue their daily activities. Peanut butter is a great and different idea to eat nuts, perfect to eat with toasts or even with fruits. It is recommended to eat natural peanut butter with not a lot of sugar, it is easy to make a homemade recipe of this, by only mashing the number of peanuts you want until you get a creamy texture, depending on the texture you like you can add a bit of water and also salt and sugar.

  • Greek yogurt with cereals

Yogurt is a very complete food since it provides proteins, fats and very positive amounts of calcium, which will help their bones to grow and be strong and healthy. Cereals will provide carbohydrates and fiber which will help to maintain their flora intestinal healthy. This recipe is also a good source of vitamins A and B12. If your children like it, you can also add fruits which will make their afternoon snack the most complete for them. 

  • Homemade fruit ice creams

As we have said before, fruit has endless benefits for children. There are many ways to eat it and one of them is to make home made fruit ice creams . We can make them with water and our favorite fruits or squeeze the fruit and make ice creams with the juice. It is an excellent way to encourage our children to eat fruit and it’s great for summer since it is refreshing. 

These are some of the ideas to make the afternoon snack of your children healthy, great and easy to prepare. Improving the quality of their afternoon snacks will make their health and growth better. What are your children going to have as an afternoon snack now?

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