Make Dinner Time Fun with These Recipes

Being honest with ourselves, children don’t always eat everything that we would like. Generally speaking, most children are not always very receptive to trying new flavors or textures. This is something that when considering the world of added sugars that surround them, many of us will come to the conclusion that this is normal.

To combat this and to try and make new foods less traumatic, we are going to give you four recipes that offer different flavors, with different foods, that can be fun to prepare and will hopefully make the experience as easy as possible.

  • Chicken lolly sticks covered with cereal batter

Chicken is one of those foods that shouldn’t be missing from a child’s diet. With very low fat and a large number of proteins, chicken can be really important. If they need any encouragement to eat chicken, then try this recipe.

Using 100g of chicken breast, use a knife to cut the chicken into strips.

Once cut into strips, cover the chicken with an egg that’s been whisked. Eggs are another one of those important foods that provide children with essential amino acids.

Now to apply that special touch. To avoid just using the common covering of bread crumbs, use their favorite cereals, corn flakes for example. This does mean that some of the added sugars will be included, but they will love it and it will taste great.

To finish with, fry the chicken using hot oil and insert a stick into the chicken to complete your creation, chicken lolly sticks covered with cereal batter!

  • Small vegetable boats

You might be thinking that vegetables, impossible, but wait, your children haven’t had these little boats in front of them yet. A recipe that’s original and made of pumpkin, potato, carrots, and peas. The best part is that it is so simple to prepare.

Dig out the pumpkin leaving the skin, this will be the hull of the boat.

Place the pumpkin onto a hot frying pan until it becomes tender. At the last moment, add the peas as they do not need long.

Boil the potatoes and peel the carrots.

Mix together the potatoes and a bit of ketchup and put the mix into the pumpkin “inside the boat”.

The next step is to incorporate the peas at the rear of the boat.

The final touch is to put in the wheel, which is just a big slice of carrot.

  • Sandwich houses

Tea time or snack time between lunch and dinner will usually revolve around sugar, whether that be cakes, cookies or chips. This trend can be halted thanks to this original idea of sandwich houses. It really couldn’t be any easier either. Children can even make them themselves.

Take as much sliced bread as you are going to use, together with the filling of your choice. We recommend sliced ham and a cheese also in slices.

Cut the slices of bread into halves and place them on top of each other with filling in between each slice.

To finish with, cut a final slice of bread into a triangle and fit it onto the top of the house to make the roof.

This last slice can be decorated with something sweet, such as chocolate. Yummy!

  • Strawberry and banana snakes

Most children will be happy to eat strawberries and bananas anyway as they are quite sweet fruits, but that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t have fun at the same time. With these creations, you will also be able to add other fruits “to the snake” that might not usually be as popular, like grapes, pineapple or kiwi for example.

To begin with, peel a banana and cut it into slices.

The next step is to cut a few strawberries horizontally into slices as well.

Using a piece of red licorice string, push the string through the middle of the slices, interchanging the strawberry and banana slices, forming the body of the snake.

Then, using a strawberry, make a hole vertically through the middle with a clean needle and then push through one of the ends of the string. This will be the snakes head.

Leave a bit of the string out of the front of the strawberry to make the snakes tongue.

As a finishing touch, you can make the snakes eyes with two small dots of whipped cream. They will love it.

Even though we have given you these ideas, you can come up with many of your own ideas. The idea is to introduce new foods into your children’s diets without them noticing or without any of the fuss. Once they have eaten them, tell them what they have eaten. Let them find out that peas, carrots, pumpkins, or onion don’t have anything to be scared of.

For a time, they will probably be asking you to recreate your ideas. This is normal and you shouldn’t worry. As time goes by, your children will forget about these ways of preparing foods and will be happy eating the ingredients in more conventional ways.

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