Baby girl on the way? Popular names for girls

With a baby girl on the way, it doesn’t take long to realize that there are a lot of things to do before she arrives. One of those things is deciding on a name, of course!

Finding the right name is a very personal decision that depends entirely on the parents, your tastes, preferences, references etc. In the past, names were decided on as a family, or even by the soon to be grandparents, but times have changed.

How do you pick the best name for a baby girl?

When deciding on the best names for a girl there are many things to consider, a traditional name or an original name, the way it sounds when put with surnames, the meaning on the name etc. Above everything else and the most important thing to consider is that you need to like the name and that you think it will identify correctly the person that you are bringing into the world.

The most popular girl's names in 2019

Traditional names, modern names, names that are common in our language, names from other cultures, names of famous people or popular television characters… even if you have already decided on the name, you will discover an infinite amount of possible names, so many that it can become overwhelming.

Deciding on the right name can start to become complicated, so to try to make things easier, we have put together a list of a few of the most popular girl´s names in 2019. We hope that this list can help you when making this important decision.

  • LUCY. Always a very popular name that is sure to continue being so. It is a traditional name that also sounds modern at the same time. Originating from Latin can be translated as “born in daylight”, and it is also very common in Spanish speaking countries as Lucia. A great option without a doubt.
  • EMMA. A beautiful name that originated in Germany and remains very popular all around the world. Its translation means “big” or “strong” and it will continue to be named that is very common to find.
  • CHARLOTTE. This name has always had a place on lists of the most popular names and it doesn’t appear that it will change anytime soon. A name with Greek origins, that has personality and means “strong woman”. The popularity of this name does not look likely to fade away anytime soon.
  • ISABEL. A very traditional name that originated from Hebrew. Popular throughout the western world as Isabel, Isabella, Isa, Izzy… Its many variants are good ways to give a modern twist to a really popular traditional name, something so important for many parents.
  • PAULA. More popular in Spanish and Italian speaking countries. A good choice of name if you are looking for something different that’s more international. Short, sweet and simple of a Latin origin that can be translated as “the small one”.
  • CHLOE. This name is as popular as ever all around the world, that is also moving its way bit by bit into Spanish speaking countries as well. Originally a name in Greek that means “grass”. Chloe can also be spelled as Cloe.
  • SARAH. Another name that is both traditional and modern at the same time. Also spelled as Sara, is a name that originated from Hebrew, that means “princess” and remains a very popular name throughout the western world.
  • CATHERINE. This name has an endless list of variants helping this traditional name to stay modern at the same time. Kate, Katie, Katy, Cat, Cate, Cathy, Katrin… the list goes on. This name originated in Greece and can be translated as “pure”.
  • LAURA. This name also has a number of different variants, Laura, Lauren, Lorena. It originated in Latin and comes from “laurel tree”. A very popular name in many countries, making it a safe, easy choice for many parents.
  • SOPHIE. A name that originated in Ancient Greece and means “wisdom”. A name that has been around forever, although it did begin to become less common towards the end of the 20th century, before recovering again over the last 20 years to once again be a very popular choice as either Sophie or Sofia.

Now you tell us! What do you think of these names? Have you made up your mind yet? Do any other names come to mind? As we said before, finding a name is a very difficult task that can be very personal to each family. Don’t forget, the most important thing is that it’s a name that you like! Let us know your decision!

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